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Intrathecal Infusion Device

Intrathecal devices—also known as spinal infusion devices—offer patients suffering from severe and chronic pain a way to self-control small doses of medication delivered directly into the intrathecal space that contains spinal fluid around the spinal cord, reducing or eliminating the need for oral pain medication and its associated possible side effects.

Once implanted, the medication blocks pain signals to the brain around the clock, offering ongoing pain relief for various conditions. Prior to implanting an infusion device, we review each patient’s individual condition and needs, and insert the device on a trial basis to assure compatibility and effectiveness.

Our experienced pain management doctors perform a same-day surgical procedure in an outpatient hospital setting, providing patients with a superior level of safety and medical resources. Implanting the device typically takes just one to two hours, and patients generally return home the same day. Recovery time is minimal, and the device batteries usually last for three to five years, depending on the amount of use.

While using the device, patients return to our office for just a few minutes every one to three months to have their medication refilled.

An intrathecal device may be a welcome solution for patients whose pain persists after trying other therapies such as medication or surgical intervention.