treatments-1NAPPM helps patients find pain relief with safe and effective, specialized care.

Our board-certified pain management professionals are leaders in their fields, participating in ongoing education to remain current about the most advanced treatment and medication developments. Patients experiencing pain in the back, joints, extremities or other areas may benefit from pain relief treatments such as medications, injections, cognitive behavioral therapies or advanced techniques such as our fully-monitored ketamine infusion therapy, intrathecal infusion pump, nerve blocks and ablations or a neurostimulation system implanted by John Stamatos, MD, who is distinguished as one of America’s pioneers in spinal cord stimulation and MRI safety. Our clinicians are also certified to prescribe medicinal marijuana for a variety of conditions including cancer pain. As an innovator in pain management, we are one of Long Island’s only pain management providers offering ketamine infusion therapy for central and peripheral pain syndromes.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, we know pain affects everyone differently.

Tell us where you are feeling pain and also the intensity—in short, how it feels to you. Our experienced pain management specialists are highly skilled in identifying specific types of pain and delivering appropriate treatment for pain relief. Following a thorough evaluation of each patient’s individual needs, we create a customized plan of care that takes advantage of proven protocols, new technologies and alternative treatments.

Our specialists help patients with a large variety of conditions, including: